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This package includes the basic landscaping needs including Spring and Fall cleanup, approximately 24 weekly cuts, a fertilization program with 5 separate applications done at the appropriate time of the season, edging and blowing of all turf and adjacent walkway areas. This program also will provide and annual snow contract covering snow falls from 2 to 6 inches.

This package includes Spring and Fall cleanup, approximately 24 weekly cuts including edging, blowing, the 5 step fertilization program trimming of the trees, bushes and shrubs twice during the season. It includes an annual snow contract covering snow falls from 2 to 10 inches.

The ultimate package includes Spring and Fall cleanup, approximately 24 cuts per season, edging and blowing, the 5 step fertilization program, sprinkler maintenance that includes the turning on and off the system sprinkler head adjustment, pruning of all trees, shrubs. This package includes sweeping of the parking lot seven nights a week and general daily cleanup of papers and debris. The snow management contract included in this program takes into consideration all possible snow contingencies regardless of the depth of any storm, loaders, bobcats and all other equipment needs are included. Sand salt applications as needed are include as well. With this package all possible costs are included.

Services Include:

  • Weekly maintenance including cutting, edging and blowing.
  • Flower bed maintenance
  • Spring and Fall cleanup
  • Aerating and thatching
  • Sod services from one of the leading sod farms in Suffolk County
  • Mulch, topsoil
  • Tree and shrub trimming, removal and replacement
  • Landscape design (computer image of your property with design)
  • Sprinkler maintenance, which includes spring turn on, fall turn off, sprinkler head adjustment and repairs.
  • Parking lot sweeping and maintenance.

All of our maintenance crews have a trained team leader. This insures that you, our valued customer, receive the level of service you expect and deserve.

Our objective is to provide property owners and managers the convenience of having one company, provide you with the year round needs of your property, with quality service at a competitive price.