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Customized Programs Designed to Fill Your Specific Needs


Spring/Fall Cleanup
Industrial/Commercial Facilities Our Specialty
Office Buildings
Industrial Sites
Shopping Centers
Corporate Headquarters
Residential Complexes

Weekly Maintenance
Tree and Shrub Removal/Replacement
Tree and Shrub Trimming
Aerating and Thatching
Sod and Topsoil Service
Sprinkler Maintenance

Customer Testimonial

It is very seldom in business you encounter a perfect solution to a specific need or find a company that produces the quality of service it professes to have. I have found RBR to be such a company. Our company has had a snow removal contract with you for many years. During those years I can honestly say that the timely, efficient manner in which my property has been maintained has affected the efficiemncy and profitability of our company. The fact that I do nnot have to waste such valuable time with complaints as well as the building being accessible to all the employees very quickly after a storm has a positive effect on the bottom line. Thank you for providing the quality of service I have come to expect from RBR and I am confident that the mutually satisfactory business relationship we have will continue for many years.

Nat Golyan
Liquorium, St. James, NY