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About RBR/Melvlle


RBR Snow Contractors was established in 1974 by Robert Wesolowski.

He started out by purchasing one truck with a snow plow and working out of an office in the basement of his home. Thanks to a combination of word of mouth and the high quality of the work, business grew steadily over the next few years.

During the first quarter of 1978 - The Year of the Heavy Snows - Long Island was hit by two unusually heavy storms. Accumulations totaling 19.9” in January followed by a February storm that dumped 29.4” gave RBR the opportunity to prove itself. The company’s exceptional performance during these crises helped the business grow from a “Mom and Pop” company to a major privately owned commercial snow removal business.

As business continued to grow for RBR so did the responsibilities. The next year, RBR incorporated and became RBR Snow Contractors Inc. with two additional professionals joining the firm and continuing to grow at the rate of about 20% a year. By the 1980s the company had grown to three partners, six full time employees and 80-90 subcontractors and a company-owned fleet of over 20 plows and sanders. RBR was fast becoming the largest snow removal company in the northeast.

In 1985 RBR Snow Contractors Inc. purchased one of its major competitors and the following year the name was changed to Melville Snow Contractors, Inc.  Together RBR and Melville became the largest private snow removal firm in the northeast with a fleet of over 200 trucks, plows and sanders as well as payloaders for the tough winters we’ve been having.

RBR/Melville has first-hand knowledge of the snow removal process. Besides its own expertise, RBR/Melville has supervisors in the field during all winter events to evaluate the job and make sure all work is up to our high standards.

Today, RBR/Melville is a multimillion dollar company on Long Island serving New York City, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Customer Testimonial

RBR Snow Removal has been our primary snow contractor for 17 years. We are completely satisfied with the quality of service that they provide for us. The RBR team works hard to ensure our facility remains open and the professionalism exhibited remains unsurpassed.

Ed Smith
Hauppauge Office Park, Hauppage, NY